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And what they are saying...

Raksha PanjwaniGD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj

AninditaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

A brilliant session which has opened some clogged pores to learning better through the tool of Mind Maps which will make learning far more interactive, doable, creative and everlasting. It has given words to my thoughts !!

Seema SahayPrincipal, G.D.Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The session was knowledgeable and gave a clarity on how to make and use Mind Maps. Teaching & learning would be easy by using these maps.

Shivani TyagiGD Goenka Public School, Paschim Vihar

Overall, an interesting learning experience. It was an amazing interactive session where we too got an opportunity to showcase our mind mapping skills. Brilliant presentation by Maneesh Sir, made everyone expert in no time. Thanks a ton, Sir.

Simran RaiGD Goenka Public School

It was a great learning experience. I had attended a workshop on Mind Map earlier also but today's workshop gave me more clarity and hands on practice. Mr. Maneesh your skill of putting the knowledge forward is highly appreciated.

Nidhi RaiGD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj

Very Interesting topic. The content was delivered to us in a very easy language with utmost clarity. It covers a wide range of application and it was very engaging.

Ritika GhoshGD Goenka Public School

It was a very enlightening experience. The method taught by Mr. Dutt can be utilized in various fields.

Sonia PunnGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The workshop was conducted in a very pleasant, methodical manner. It will help us to make our notes for class in a clear & organised manner for the students. Thanks & lot.

Anudita ChauhanGD Goenka Public School, Paschim Vihar

It was a very enriching session. I am taking a lot of things back home from the workshop.

Shruti SethGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The workshop was very informative and interesting. The presenter could very easily connect with the participants. The information rendered was clear, thought provoking and definitely the concept of mind maps can be used to make our classroom teaching very fruitful.

Neerja KapoorGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Initially my idea about Mind Map was a problem-cause-solution in the form of tables. But after the workshop I am beaming with so many ideas. Mind Maps actually help transform our daily complex life into more simple and organized way. Mr. Dutt explained each and every detail which could help us to achieve maximum benefit from the concept. A BIG THANK YOU!

Kavita TanejaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Workshop was informative. It give us a new idea to teach children. It was a wonderful experience.

Sunita SharmaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Topic was relevant and needed for our profession. Very well explained and done exercises to comprehend and apply this new dimension for our profession.

Manju JhaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was a very innovative and learning workshop. I learned how to explain difficult and lengthy topics to the students in a better and effective way. We were earlier using Mind Maps to teach the students but today's workshop has helped in using it in a more creative and better way.

Rajeshwari FauzdarGD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram

It was a very good workshop. Topic, clarity and flow was also very good.

PratimaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

A very enlightening session. Am sure it would help us explain topics in a very effective manner that stays with the students for a longer period.

Sheena SahdevGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It has been a privilege and immense honour to learn the techniques of Mind Mapping which I will surely apply not only in my daily routine life but also on the various teaching strategies in school. Thank you!

Jonaki DebGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The workshop was really helpful and  the techniques told can be used to create interesting mind maps. Looking forward for more such information from Mr. Maneesh Dutt.

Nisha SinghGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The concept of Mind Mapping was explained to us in a lucid and fun filled manner. Knowing about its utility in all spheres of our life, be it personal or professional, was amazing. Thank you , Mr. Maneesh Dutt

ParomitaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was a wonderful session. An innovative technique of making teaching-learning simple, organised and more fruitful. Quite practical and can be applied in all walks of life. Thank you.

Farah AqueelGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

A very novel and enriching experience on how to make and include Mind Maps in our pedagogy. These techniques are an effective tool to plan, manage and execute many other aspects of common person. Thanks for the valuable experience!!

Sakshi AgarwalGD Goenka Public School, Gurgaon

Very helpful for the learners in the school. The presentation was very good & clear. very useful for our variety of work we do in day to day life. Very useful for teachers.

Amrita ChakravartyGD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram

Today's session cum discursive workshop was an enriching experience. The prolific speaker highlighted on the importance of Mind Mapping.

Monica SharmaGD Goenka Public School, Rohini

Excellent addition to our existing knowledge of how to lead an organized life.

Deepika AhujaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Great insight, learned a different way of presenting the concept.

Priyanka KalraGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The session was interesting and whatever I have learnt will apply at my work place as well as for my personal tasks. I am sure it will really help in making my tasks simple and easier. Thank you!

Jyoti ChuchraGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was an enlightening experience, really learnt a lot and would definitely take this forward in all spheres wherever applicable. The idea made us really happy to introspect.

Gurjyot KaurGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Good ideas, Flow, Knowledge, delivery: All very smooth. An enlightening workshop !

Vinita SachdevaPrimary Head, GD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The presenter was well organized with deep knowledge of the content. Thank you Mr. Dutt for enlightening us & sharing with us.

ChitraGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The workshop on Mind Mapping has proven to be helpful in not just my professional aspects; but has also opened my mind towards other day to day tasks. Extremely enlightening.

Aastha KocharGD Goenka Public School

It was an excellent workshop. Very enlightening and motivating. An new learning direction for us as educators and facilitators. The presentation was attractive and helped us to apply mind map in many areas possible.

Mansi KakkarGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The session on Mind Mapping was very interesting and interactive. I have learned the laws and points on how to do mind mapping on anything. I will surely implement in my daily work.

Shazia ZafarGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Mr. Dutt introduced to us a very new concept of "Mind Mapping" with much ease and made us familiar with it in no time. With regular practice of Mind Mapping on different topics the concept became more clear. The session was enjoyable, enriching. We will be using it in our daily life. Thank you!

Jyoti MehendirattaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Topic was really empowering. It helped to think on a broader and deeper scale both professionally & personally. Definitely I will be going to implement it for my school students and own kids. Whenever, will see anybody facing challenge would like to incorporate this awesome strength building concept of Mind Maps.

Neetu RahejaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was indeed a very different learning experience. A new dimension to solve our day to day life routines in a much simpler and segregated way. Mind Mapping has helped me understand where can I work more on and how can I work and make things sorted. Thank you so much sir for a lovely learning experience!!

Deepti WadhwaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The session was really helpful in opening a new division of knowledge. The training is surely going to be beneficial in making things clear and easy for ages to come. Thanks for all your effort. Every aspect has been well delivered.  Great job. Good going !

Parminder KaurGD Goenka Public School

Excellent Session by Mr. Maneesh Dutt. Thank yousir for intriducing us to the new technique- Mind Mapping. During the session only I realised how helpful it is and how easy any task can become if we use Mind Mapping. It has actually shifted my Mind from linear to radiant thinking.

Sanya SachdevaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Initially, I had an idea about what is Mind Mapping but as the workshop took its course it was understood clearly, of what exactly Mind Mapping is about and how it can be used for planning of any kind of event/subject with more clarity and ease to understand the tasks for completion. Thank you , Maneesh Sir.

Arvinder kaurGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was a wonderful workshop. I will be using the learning with my students and reduce their burden.

Parul BajajGD Goenka Public School

The workshop was very well presented & engaging. It gave me insight into Mind Mapping which I will use in School and at home. I wish success to Mr. Dutt.

Era SahaiGD Goenka, Gr. Noida

Fr. (Dr.) Stephen MavelyVice Chancellor, Assam Don Bosco University

Arup BaruahDon Bosco University, Assam

Nupur ChoudhuryDon Bosco University, Assam

Thoudam Johnson SinghDon Bosco University, Assam

It was a very interesting moment to learn about Mind Mapping in different aspects. Maneesh Dutt sir is an excellent speaker.

Hamidur RehmanDon Bosco University, Assam

Yes, I found this four hour session very impressive and got a new idea to motivate myself and the students in a new way to study and think about ideas. Thank you for this idea.

Dipjyoti SarmaDon Bosco University, Assam

It was a great honour listening to you sir. I felt so energetic. I will use Mind Map wherever possible and will read more on Mind Maps. Your session was very good in all respect.  I even felt like making a Mind Map for this feedback!

Vijay PrasadDon Bosco University, Assam

The course content explained by Mr. Maneesh Dutt is highly effective to train the brain to create innovative ideas.

Dr. Probin PhanjomDon Bosco University, Assam

The overall course content included almost all the aspects starting from the topic till the group activity. The presenter made the whole programme so interesting and active where we could wake up our minds and develop our creativity in various parameters. It benefitted us a lot and helped to develop our insight.

Dr. Tanya Sur RoyDon Bosco University, Assam

The topic of Mind Mapping is of great importance and  the exposure was very informative and beneficial. The topic was new for me and would be very honoured to take this effective tool in my teaching purpose. Mr. Maneesh Dutt was very informative and descriptive in the topic of Mind Mapping.

Dr. M.G. ChoudhuryDon Bosco University, Assam

This session will definitely help us in improving our clarity of thoughts and help the students as well in this regard.

Mriganka GogoiDon Bosco University, Assam

An eye opener. Overall it was very good and presented in an orderly manner.

Jhimli K DasDon Bosco University, Assam

The whole session is wonderful. Contents are good with hands on activities. Love to attend such kind of session in future. Thank you Maneesh Sir for your session.

Hemashree BordoloiDon Bosco University, Assam

Mostly delighted with the talk. During hectic class period, instead of going through lengthy descriptive lesson, pictographic or mapping practice will be very much effective.

Ujjal ChoudharyDon Bosco University, Assam

Interesting and useful, not only for academic setting but also for an individual way of living.

James FamkimaDon Bosco University, Assam

Maneesh has knowledge with clarity of thoughtd and was being able to communicate with the participants.The course content was very precise and interesting. Highly appreciable for making it interactive and engaging.

Kaushik BhuyanDon Bosco University, Assam

A very thought provoking session it was. Complex ideas put into new and simpler ways. Will be definitely using it and also assist others in doing it too. Maneesh has excellent presentation skills.

Chalmaya SharmaDon Bosco University, Assam

The program was an innovative idea to me personally. The knowledge, clarity, flow and delivery of teh session were precise and vivid. I use images for my studies yet no knowledge about "Mind Mapping".

K. AlbenDon Bosco University, Assam

It is an excellent programme with clear clarity. We have a way forward.

Lukose P.J.Don Bosco University, Assam

It is a very attractive, wonderful moment for me. The session was very informative and also inspired me.

Sunil DekaDon Bosco University, Assam

Sir Dutt, Thank you so much...for a very high positive note session. I have learnt much and I know it will be useful to me as a teacher. I am convinced that I will make my students learn about it.

Dr. Dominic MeyiehoDon Bosco University, Assam

Oh! I had an amazing time.  I was looking forward to this workshop and I feel I absorbed an amazing lot of information; only to work on it from now on. Thank you very much Mr. Maneesh Dutt for the lovely interaction and understandable, clear and practical ideas. Much Gratitude. For a new recruit, am lucky to be part of this program.

Vedant Vikram BorahDon Bosco University, Assam

Excellent quality of teaching. Can be implemented in a lot of situations in life.

Abhishek ChowdhuryDon Bosco University, Assam

Enjoyed the session, learned a lot, very interactive session. Hoping for more and more to learn in future to help our youth to be successful human being. Excellent !!

Biju Mani DasDon Bosco University, Assam

Very precise, concentrated, focused session on a single topic. Maneesh is knowledgeable and fluent.

P. JosephDon Bosco University, Assam

The course was very informative and presented me with a good experience for problem solving. Happy to have you! Knowledge:10/10, Clarity: 10/10; Flow: 10/10, Delivery: 10/10.

Bipul DasDon Bosco University, Assam

Maneesh has an indepth, holistic knowledge on Mind Mapping and has provided a clear, knowledge-intensive training to the participants with pratical examples during the session.

Puri DasDon Bosco University, Assam

Very good session. Maneesh was energetic and knowledgable. Now I can plan my talks easily without any problem. Thank you for giving the idea of Mind Mapping.

Simanta BanikyaDon Bosco University, Assam


Singh Mahra, Mybox Technologies
Happy Singh Mahra, Mybox Technologies

"Mr. Maneesh has great indepth knowledge of the tools well as the baics of Program Management. Training session was well planned like starting with basics to practical implementation. It was a great session"

Vaibhav Shrivastava, Mybox technologies
Vaibhav ShrivastavaMybox technologies

"It was an excellent training. It will help to plan projects better"

Bikram Sigh Mehra , Mybox Technologies
Bikram Sigh Mehra Mybox Technologies

"Excellent training! In short time Maneesh cleared each and every topic nicely"

Nirmal Kumar, Mybox Technologies
Nirmal Kumar,Mybox Technologies

"Maneesh has rich experience on Project Planning. It was a very helpful session."

Deepak Rana, Mybox Technologies
Deepak RanaMybox Technologies

"Excellent Delivery"

Vikas Saxena, MyBox Technologies
Vikas Saxena MyBox Technologies

"Many topics of learning I was not famiiar before the session and now whatever we have learnt I will implement on my current projects. Overall the course was very interesting"


"Superb Course, speed, content and exercises. Fantastic Video. Five Stars !!"

Vikas Anand
Vikas Anand, Mahle FIlters

"Content & Maneesh's Presentation Skills are very good. Best part is the activities & interaction with the team"

PabrejaAnand Automotive

"The training was fantastic. Learnt a lot many things related to project management. One very good thing was there were live exercises in which we practically did the things."

Gagandeep Singh
Gagandeep SinghMahle Filter

"Very good flow of presentation & techniques to be used. Knowledge & experience of the trainer was very good in the subject."

Saurabh Gupta
Saurabh Gupta,Mahle Behr

"Maneesh's knowledge on the subject was excellent. Great learning experience from his vast experience in different industry"

Saurabh Srivastava
Saurabh SrivastavaAnand Automotive

"Lovely way of facilitation, Nice examples, Great knowledge"

Kapil Thakur
Kapil Thakur,Anand University

This was a new subject and I learnt to look at creativity and mind. Maneesh was excellent and very good with his subject.

Ravindra Singh
Ravindra Singh,Air India Ltd.

“Great Session, Good Knowledge, very nice flow”

Sipdipti Rane
Sipdipti Rane,Sun Pharmaceutical.

Excellent Way of shaping thoughts into workable ideas. The depth of coverage was apt and various exercises supported in comprehending the topic being taught in a better way. Maneesh has a flair for training, is knowledgeable and has been able to share the concepts, ideas in a serene manner.

Chander Shekhar SharmaDHFL Pramerica

A new innovative program, came as a surprise. The content was good and was very well and joyfully presented. Loved attending the session. Specially the activities and Group discussions were enjoyable. A new learning.

Mrs Poonam mohan
Mrs Poonam mohan,Air India Ltd.

Session was very good and by using this we can find solution to various problems. Mr. Maneesh is a very good presenter, he customized the presentation as per pharma industry and also designed the topic in a way to give maximum benefit to the participants

Sandipan Roy
Sandipan RoySun Pharma

Quite good session, very helpful in day to day life

Shaveta Sidena
Shaveta Sidena,Samsung.

Excellent Topics, Excellent presenter (five stars out of five)

Vineeta Warikoo
Vineeta Warikoo,Air India Ltd.

Maneesh has deep knowledge and simplified the hard points

Shailendra Hasabe
Shailendra Hasabe,Mahle Filter Systems.

It is wonderful to relaize importance of brain in mapping daily routine work through mind mapping technique

Snehal Shah,Sun Pharmaceuticalxx.

Good Session with appropriate knowledge of the speaker. Useful to one self and very important for the growth of an individual and organisation. A BIG THANKS.

Nikhil Bhargava
Nikhil Bhargava,Air India Ltd.

“It was a great learning of MS Project tool and can be used in daily activities on work to record & track things better”

Monika Narang
Monika Narang,Federal Mogul.

"Very Good presentation and delivery of the rightly selected content. Effectiveness enhanced by presentation of videos"

Shiv Talwar
Shiv Talwar,Mahle Filter Systems.

"Interesting topic, definitely helpful for idea generation"

Anupam Trehan
Anupam Trehan,Sun Pharmaceutical.

Relavant topic, Useful exercises, enlightening content, perfect clarity, smooth flow and consistent delivery

Dr. Simrata Bedi
Dr. Simrata Bedi,Sun Pharma.

"Excellent Way of shaping thoughts into workable ideas. The depth of coverage was apt and various exercises supported in comprehending the topic being taught in a better way. Maneesh has a flair for training, is knowledgeable and has been able to share the concepts, ideas in a serene manner."

Chander Shekhar Sharma
Chander Shekhar Sharma,DHFL Pramerica.

"The session was wonderful. The topic, was well covered, examples made the learning well grasped and the exercises made us cut the gray areas.Maneesh delivered the entire training session flawlessly. Thorough knowledge, deep understanding of the content ended up with flawless delivery"

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar,IL& FS Energy Development Co. Ltd

"Very informative background on Mind Maps. The basics cleared quite a few issues for me while creating Mind Maps. Maneesh is very knowledgeable on the subject of Mind Maps. He clearly explaned the concepts while keeping the entire session very interesting. "

Rashik Kathuria
Rashik Kathuria,Rashik Kathuria Consulting.

“This was an excellent presentation about Mind Mapping and using it with Project Management was quite interesting”

Sudhanshu Sekhar
Sudhanshu Sekhar,Mahle Filter Systems.

"Good Knowledge ! Well done, Keep it up "

Gaurav Khanna
Gaurav Khanna,Samsung.

” Maneesh is very good and friendly to teach the topic, having appropriate knowledge in and out of the topic. Every query was managed very intelligently”

Gurvinder Singh
Gurvinder Singh,Mahle Filter Systems.

“This will definitely help us to manage projects in multi priority environment.”

Deepa Kurjekar
Deepa Kurjekar,Sun Pharmaceutical.

Topic is very Mind Catching. Depth is very accurate, exercises very good. Made me realize that I can do better with this technique. Very Knowledgeable trainer.

Pramila Yadav
Pramila Yadav,Air India Ltd.

Absolutely amazing, I was doing research on it and found the session to clear many of my doubts. Amazing exercises

Subhash Chand
Subhash Chand,Serpholic Media Pvt. Ltd.
Interesting Topic , Mind Maps ,The exercises were very useful … Maneesh is  very knowledgeable on this topic,
articulate and good pace of teaching
Priyank Agarwal
Priyank Agarwal,Philips.

Excellent workshop and Trainer has good knowledge about his work.

Sumeer Kohli
Sumeer Kohli,Air India Ltd.

Excellent and very clear to understand for practical implementation.

Prem Dayal
Prem Dayal,Air India Ltd.

Mind Map is really a new topic for learning. Course content is excellent and interesting

Narendra Patidar
Narendra Patidar,Sun Pharma.

The complete topic was interesting; was explained thoroughly and in depth exercise were carried out.

Saurabh Roy
Saurabh Roy,Lok Nayak Hospital.

The training is very interesting. The topic is very informative and the depth of the topic is also sufficient. Maneesh Dutt presented in a very clear and easy learning manner

Vinay Garg
Vinay Garg,Sun Pharma.

The session was very interesting and we got a lot of new thing

Shailendra Tripathi
Shailendra Tripathi,Rockman Industries.

Interesting and Engaging. Activities are useful

Anjali Chauhan
Anjali Chauhan,Sun Pharma.

"Maneesh is a very articulate & interesting speaker. The best part is that he is passionate about the subject."

Siddharth Raina
Siddharth Raina,Sun Pharmaceutical.

Presenter Maneesh has been very interactive, has good knowledge and command over the subject. Maneesh has been interactive in understanding and conveying the thinking of people to reach to conclusion of problem and possible solution

Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar,Sun Pharma.

Excellent Course Content, Excellent Presenter and Excellent Presentation.

Panka Kumar
Panka Kumar,Air India Ltd.

"Maneesh has good knowledge about the subject & in depth clarity."

Sunita Pater
Sunita Pater,Sun Pharmaceutical.

Excellent, the concept of mind mapping towards resolution for the problems are very well captured in a simple and understandable manner. Maneesh’s knowledge of risk assessment is very impressive

Shrikant Hodge
Shrikant Hodge,Sun Pharma.

Very Interesting and Awakening. Maneesh has very good knowledge, is impressive and to the point. Keep it up, all the best. Thank you for a wonderful session.

Dr. Aradhana
Dr. Aradhana,Air India Ltd.

"Excellent Session, I learned & enjoyed much, thank  you"

Veronika Gressen
Veronika Gressen,Sun Pharmaceutical.

Course content was really useful, particularly the topic & exercises. Maneesh has in depth knowledge, clarity about the topic and the flow/delivery was good

K.K. Janakiraman
K.K. Janakiraman,Sun Pharma.

New Concept. Quite Informative. Exercises given and discussion is quite good. Maneesh is a master in his field and very clear about the concept.

Jyoti Sharma
Jyoti Sharma,Air India Ltd.

"Maneesh has indepth knowledge and clarity on Mind Maps"

Pramod Kalwa
Pramod Kalwa,Samsung.

"Maneesh is very knowledgeable on Mind Mapping Concept"

Vaishali Rampurkar
Vaishali Rampurkar,Sun Pharmaceutical.

Maneesh has complete knowledge of the subject and used several examples worksheets, videos and assignments to explain the topic

Vikas Batra
Vikas Batra,Sun Pharma.

Good teaching method. Got overall clarity on the subject. Will practice often in resolving problems and new projects

Kaushik Manna
Kaushik Manna,Rockman Industries.

The concept of Mind Map and exposure this area was very elaborate and easy to remember. Excercises were very interesting and involved the practical application of the Mind map laws and principles in problem solving, Risk Mitigation etc. Maneesh has been very effective in introducing the topic and sharing many examples, websites and references w.r.t. the topic.

Mona Dhaliwal
Mona Dhaliwal,Sun Pharma.

The training had extensive and practical content. Excellent oration with lucid examples by Maneesh.

Sandeep Roy Choudhury
Sandeep Roy Choudhury,Air India Ltd.

The course content and the way of presentation was excellent. The exercises were quite good

Nirmal Kumar Parida
Nirmal Kumar Parida,Samsung.

Maneesh has good knowledge about Mind Maps, is a good presenter with clear communication and delivery with examples

Nandev Kaushal
Nandev Kaushal,Sun Pharma.

I found the session to be very positive and we came to know of many new ideas on thinking.

Abhay Kr. Singh
Abhay Kr. Singh,Rockman Industries.

"Course Content was good. Practical content was more which really helped in understanding basics of Project Management and MS Project. Maneesh has expert knowledge on PM and MS Project"

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor,Federal Mogul.

“Almost all areas of MS Project utilization were covered with ample exercise activities”

Sumit Rustogi
Sumit Rustogi,Mahle Filter Systems.

"Good Flow, Engaging Session & made us practice the concept."

Jyoti Srivastava
Jyoti Srivastava,Sun Pharmaceutical.

Maneesh has thorough knowledge on the topic. His flow and delivery are awesome

Parsa Karthik
Parsa Karthik,Sun Pharma.

New Idea. Interesting. Maneesh was able to connect with the  participants.

Viresh Mehta
Viresh Mehta,Air India Ltd.

Overall it is a very good program. We are very thankful to Mr. Maneesh Dutt for giving us new thought process

Vineet Agarwal
Vineet Agarwal,Rockman Industries.

"An excellent course on MS Project. A detailed overview and how to implement in projects is taught. Maneesh has in depth knowledge and clarity on PM and MSP."

Gurvinder Singh Pannu
Gurvinder Singh Pannu,Mahle Filter Systems.

Content was very good & easily understandable. I will definitely try Mind Mapping in my day to day activity

A.P. Gaur
A.P. Gaur,Rockman Industries.

Very Clear. Everything was useful for office and personal activities.

Brijmohan Agarwal
Brijmohan Agarwal,Air India Ltd.


Sunita Biddu,Serpholic Media.



It was a great  learning as I was introduced to this wonderful concept for the first time in my life. Overall a great Experience

Rajesh Saliuja
Rajesh Saliuja,Lunawat & Co.

Amazing learning experience, discovered the magic of mind maps and  the power to reach new possibilities. Content was very interesting and structure  indeed engaging

Pawan Chabra
Pawan Chabra,IBEF, CII​.

It’s a new concept & can be utilized in every aspect of Life whether work or  family & Friends

Anil Singh
Anil Singh,Olympus Medical Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Very Informative, Suggests tips to improve memory retention

Niharika Singhal
Niharika Singhal,Amity Law School.


Aparna Dulf Shar,a
Aparna Dulf Shar,a,IBEF, CII.

In one word: Brilliant !! Can be potentially life changing for an individual

Sudeep B.
Sudeep B,Independent Consultant.

Very Interactive, did not feel at all that it was a long session

Abhinav Punshi
Abhinav Punshi,IBEF, CII.


Mitaksha Raswant
Mitaksha Raswant,Student, lamia Milla Islamia.