Infographic: Consultancy and Workshops on Mind Maps and Project Management

The infographic titled, “Consultancy and Workshops on Mind Maps and Project Management”, describes the details about the founder “Maneesh Dutt”, the overview of his book, services, organizations where mind mapping can be used, and the outlines of mind map training.

Maneesh Dutt has conducted over 11,000 man-hours workshops on project management and mind maps.  He is the author of the top selling management book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management” and has  over 20 years of rich industry experience. His book was released in the mid of 2015 and got featured in The PMI National Conference at Bangalore 2015, TechGig Webinar, World book fair 2016 and at many other places.

Some of his highly effective services include providing workshops around the theme of managing projects creatively, project management consultancy, online certification courses, etc. An organizational effectiveness can be enhanced greatly through mind mapping. It works perfectly with innovation, presentations, planning, marketing, sales, vision, decisions, managing projects and risks, brainstorming and a lot more.

The mind mapping training is provided by Maneesh Dutt in various customized ways including mind map sessions around problem areas, mind mapping for managing projects, mind mapping for specific function or group, etc. For more details on mind mapping refer the below Infographic and for upcoming event, click here