Just Launched: Our E-learning course “Innovation Kick-start”

Just Launched: Our E-learning course “Innovation Kick-start”

What the course is about?

Innovation is an inherent part of human evolution. Behind all innovations are people. Look at some of the great innovators like James Watt, Edison, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs etc.. They were faced with various problems, as we all do; what differentiated them was their persistent search for a solution. It is an inherent part of you as well. All you got to do is unbox it further & unleash yourself & maybe you will come with something which will put you in the league of such innovators. Sometimes it just takes a little push to achieve that. The course will cover techniques for IDEA generation, distillation, research & refinement, brainstorming, prototyping, patenting & preparing your innovation pitch. Whether working on your own or pitching to an investor or going in for a contest or pitching inside your organization, these techniques & tools will help you in your journey of innovation. This course will sharpen your skills & take your innovative self & your organization to the next level.

About the Faculty conducting the e-learning session:

Ganesh Sahai is B Tech from IIT Delhi (1993) and EGMP from IIM Lucknow (amongst the top technology and management institutes in the world). He has been founder, co-founder and founder team member of few start up companies and initiatives in the field of IT, Marketing and Academics. He Worked for Adobe since 1999 for around 12 yrs. He has led and setup many of the key testing teams from scratch for various Adobe products, like, Acrobat, Adobe Reader, AIR, CS, Tools etc. spanning desktops, handhelds (mob. phones etc.), hosted and enterprise area. He has worked as head of quality with one of the world’s leading gaming technology company Aristocrat Technologies. Innovation is his passion and his innovative approach has got sixteen ideas approved for patents. Along the way he has supported and guided people in their innovative ideas. He is founder of “TestToBeBest” and “Doltvation” community of those interested in software testing and innovation respectively.


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