Mind Map Training and Workshops – Video

Mind mapping in an innovative technique of structuring the information in a way that resembles closely to the working pattern of the Brain. It is an effective visual thinking tool through which the ideas and concepts can be represented graphically.

The given video delineates the benefits of Mind mapping and how it can be used for the organizational success. The video also talks about the book authored by Maneesh Dutt, the founder of inLightenConsultancy.

Mind mapping enhances the cognitive functions of the brains by engaging it in a more efficient way. The mind maps are used in a number of areas such as brainstorming, note taking, Studying and memorization, planning your day, your month and even life, Gaining insight on complex subjects. In organizations it can be used for Researching and consolidating information from multiple sources, presenting information and stroking your creativity.

Our founder Maneesh Dutt is an IITian and MBA from Milan with 20 yrs of rich industry experience in Trainings, Project Management, Innovation (Patents) & ISO Management standards. His book Mind Maps for Effective Project Management has received adulation at the national level and is rated in the top 31 books in the field of management at Amazon.

You can watch the video below to know about the laurels the book has so far received and continuing to do so.