A Mind Map is a simple visual thinking tool which helps us think better in a variety of situations. Better thinking leads to better actions and results. As against linear thinking, a Mind map encourages radiant thinking, the way our brain was originally designed to think.

Well, the short answer is that a Mind Map being a thinking tool, it can be used in a large variety of situations. I have personally used Mind Maps to plan, for my writing projects, to make my business plan, design training content, take lecture notes, teaching kids, planning my family/official functions, taking decisions and even to De-stress. The list is almost endless. Infact you can visit the website www.biggerplate.com , the largest online Mind Map repository, check for yourself the huge variety of Mind Maps being submitted by people across the globe.

Throughout a major part of our life we have been exposed to a whole lot of linear and rational thinking which limits the problem solving ability of the brain. Mind Maps on the other hand encourage radiant thinking thus enhancing individual creativity. Additionally an organisation thrives on collective intelligence of its team, here again a Mind Map is the perfect tool to brainstorm to generate new ideas while maximising every individual’s contribution.

Yes, a Mind Map on the face of it may look like a very basic tool even childish to an extent. However once you start making your Mind Map you will be surprised by the intense engagement that you start to make with the subject on hand. Almost similar to being in the “highly creative zone” when practising a hobby we are passionate about.

Yes it will. Even if the first Mind Map that you make looks a little shabby, you will be surprised that you will not have any difficulty in reading and interpreting it. So, don’t worry, keep going and you will find a gradual improvement in the quality of your Mind Maps.

This is more a matter of personal choice. I use both; however for those new to Mind Maps I always encourage them to draw a few hand drawn Mind Maps before starting to use any software for it.

The book is meant for Project practitioners (across industry) and it showcases how Mind Maps can be powerfully used at various stages of a project. For more details and to read sample pages you can visit: https://notionpress.com/read/mind-maps-for-effective-project-management.

“Live Life Colorfully” is a coloring cum self help book. It is meant for anybody who is looking to De-Stress and handle life challenges better. In this book for the very first time I have introduced the concept of Mind Map Mandalas. Watch the one minute book trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wqQMpM5wjI&t.

A Mind Map Mandala is a design which first involves coloring certain Mandala figures which help De-stress followed by Mind Mapping to help get better directions to various life situations. Watch this two minute video to learn the seven steps of making a Mind Map Mandala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mwlwgevg7Y&t.

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