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And what they are saying...

Came to know the way other than conventional project management technique.
Course content was relevant to our day to day activity.
Exercise were beneficial to understand & correlate.
Mayur BhokareMahle Anhand Thermal System
The overall session was very informative
The key learning from programs
  1. Mind Mapping
  2. Communication planning with team
  3. Feasibility study for project solution
Mohsin TamboliAnand I power LTD
  • Course is very good. Well covered all topics and also explain by faculty.
  • Faculty have always two way communication so it will more help to the trainee.
Madhuri ErandeDAIPL. Chakan
Start to END of the training it was interactive & Best learning
InBlt Video Module was Good to make people more inuduement
Overall Experience was Good
Arvind PrakashamGabrier
Topics were well organised with real industry examples. Easy to understand.
An exposure to program management field.
Shreyas ShettigarGabriel Chakan
The course has covered all the stuff like practical, theoretical & issues also.
The trainer is just fantastic and managed to make a two way learning.
Thank you !!
Manoj Ku SwamGil, Nask

Overall experience was good. The pacing of the topics was appropriate. The insights given during the exercise made everyone learn more.

Pachinapeddi Venkat SanthoshDAIPL
Understand about the basis constraint to the project along with the highest priority need to be given among those constraints as  a part of project.
Learnt about the types of actions to be take for risk.
Learning meet before closure so to set expectation for upcoming project.
Rahul SikkaDana Anand India Pvt Ltd
The session was very well taken/executed.
The topics taught are going to be helpful in our regular day to day activity.
Bhagwat GautamAnsysca Anand LLP
  1. Highly appreciate the inclusion of group exercises.
Helped in understanding the theoretical parts.
  1. The trainer was well read about the subject matter and kept the session engaging.
ApoorvaGabriel India
Exercises were very interesting.
Knowledge & Flow was very good.
Mind map learned
MeenakshiGil, Khandsa
We got to know new methodology like serum, ranking of risk,
Exercise were practical enough to give better clarity.
Knowledge was good
Clarity------- Perfect
Flow------- to each and every stage.
Delivery------- to practical working.
Shreyant SinghDAIPL
It was a good insight into project management. The tools learnt will be very beneficial to bring agility to any project. This training clarified many aspects about project management as a domain and its depth of knowledge.
Great learning experience!
Mriganka ChoudhuryDAIPL

Provided excellent, insight related to Advance Project Concepts.

Concepts were demonstrated with a perfect mix of exercises and videos.

Thanks for the wonderful session!
Bharat SharmaAnand group
  • The program was very well organised.
  • Session meet to it desired objectives.
  • Objectives meet to the requirement.
Pranit WagheAnand I Power LTD

Well presented with effective material for the practical session.

Unni Krishnan VLGFL, Chakan

A wonderfully practical course - both personally and professionally. Great discussion with lots of real life examples which made the session enjoyable and informative. I took away lots of things that I can quickly and easily apply.

Prakhar GargAuthbridge

I really liked the session as the topic was totally new to me although we use it in our daily life but never thought it can be done in a structured way.

Harpreet KaurAuthbridge

The trainer was very knowledgeable and was very clear and precise in his content.

Austin FrancisAuthbridge

It was a totally new knowledge for me. Overall experience was positive.

Mukul SinglaAuthbridge

Precise and comprehensive way of planning not just meetings but life in general and future event

Pallavi SinghAuthbridge

The topic and depth were useful and are applicable to day to functioning, be it in the professional environment and personal.

Raviraj SinghAuthbridge

The session was involving and we could very relate where all it can applied in professional and personal effectively

Prerna MathurAuthbridge

Great session should follow up with pilot projects; idea of mind mapping for AuthBridge is good.

Sandeep SharmaAuthbridge

Mind Mapping techniques I felt are a great way to organize one's thoughts that branch out from the major ideas and visual thinking. I think they are a great way to achieve the goal (with an objective of keeping the end goal in mind) where one can pen down ideas and thoughts so that they are not forgotten. I am trying to apply mind maps in my meetings with clients to ensure a well organized conversation and achievement of objective. Thanks.

Sonal AroraAuthbridge

Very insightful and well presented. Will use this professionally and personally

Rahul WaliaAuthbridge

Very informative. Concept was explained in a very crisp manner without any unnecessary jargons. Maneesh made the session very interactive too which helped understanding the usage of Mind mapping much better.

Elizabeth SamuelAuthbridge

The content was interesting and engaging. Schedule was perfect as everyone was involved fully for the entire session

Pratyush ChandramadhurAuthbridge

The Activity is amazing and full of Fun, I rather started practicing this exercise in my daily work routine. this is the best way to note down the Notes as well with fun. Looking forward to know more about Mind Mapping. "Mr.Dutt did a great job, hi s way of explaining things are amazing with full of energy and knowledge". looking forward to study your mind mapping material soon.

Amit GaurAuthbridge

The workshop was well structured and informative. It was very interactive. A lot of practice exercises were given.

Vandana Gupta
Vandana GuptaGD Goenka Public School

Very insightful session with hands on experience on creating mind maps. Practical usage of mind maps helped understand the beauty of organizing large amount of information into colourful symbols and lines. Presenter was energetic and involved.

Urvashi Sareen
Urvashi SareenGD Goenka Public School

The session was very informative and enriching. We learned about the correct technique of making mind maps and how this concept can be used to make learning effective in classrooms.

RashiGD Goenka Public School

The session was very Interactive and interesting. The presenter connects well with the audience and keeps the session alive.

Manisha Awasthi
Manisha AwasthiGD Goenka Public School

I am introduced to a very effective tool to enhance my life. Amazingly presented by Maneesh.

Arti Gupta
Arti GuptaGD Goenka Public School

’It was an interesting session on mind map. Really learnt a lot and it was also presented well.

Neha Dewan
Neha DewanGD Goenka Public School

Excellent workshop! The workshop gave us deep insight about mind mapping. The activities were really interesting & interactive. Looking forward for more!

Shalini Sharma
Shalini SharmaGD Goenka Public School

Excellent session. Will surely be helpful in various spheres of life both at professional and personal level. Thank you.

Sanya Sachdeva
Sanya SachdevaGD Goenka Public School

Very engrossing and learning session. The techniques are definitely applicable in both personal and professional life! Kudos to you!!

Jyoti Mehendiratta
Jyoti MehendirattaGD Goenka Public School

Good Interactive session.

PriyankaGD Goenka Public School

Very good session, learned so many thing, laws of mind mapping, looking forward for many more sessions.

Sonal Arora
Sonal AroraGD Goenka Public School

The workshop was very effective. It highlighted the use of mind maps for better planning & execution and for retaining concepts.

Anindita Dhawan
Anindita DhawanGD Goenka Public School

’It was a good experience of learning mind mapping. Well-presented and explained.

Deepti Wadhuna
Deepti WadhunaGD Goenka Public School

The session was pretty fruitful. It will help me to incorporate it in my teaching.

Sonia Punn
Sonia PunnGD Goenka Public School

The session was very informative and interesting. Learnt a lot on mind mapping. Will use mind mapping in teaching children as well as at home. Thank you so much.

Jyoti Chuchra
Jyoti ChuchraGD Goenka Public School

Topic was quite interesting. The exercises and activities were new & full of learning experiences. The knowledge of presenter was deep and there was clarity in the presentation as well as the sequence or flow of the topic was very well planned. Thank you so much. All the best.

Stuti Shandilya
Stuti ShandilyaGD Goenka Public School

The session of mind mapping is very interesting and useful for me. Lots of facts about our human brain I got to know. Looking for another session on mind mapping.

Nidhi Singh
Nidhi SinghGD Goenka Public School

Overall presentation is good. I enjoyed a lot in this workshop.

Pratima Jaiswal
Pratima JaiswalGD Goenka Public School

-Interesting Topic, delivered in an effective manner. Practice of mind maps made the concept more clear.

Akanksha Dunga
Akanksha DungaGD Goenka Public School

I was aware of the term mind mapping but I never knew it was so interesting and would be so useful later in teaching everything. Thank you!

Kanika Kalra
Kanika KalraGD Goenka Public School

Very good and effective. It complements my knowledge as a teacher.

Manju Sha
Manju ShaGD Goenka Public School

Very informative, involving and interesting. New & creative ways discussed. Maneesh is very knowledgeable & helpful.


Shimona Vig
Shimona VigGD Goenka Public School

Lovely and very enterprising experience. The topic along with the AV tools were very effective. Mr. Maneesh Dutt made the session not only interesting but also told us about how mind mapping is applicable everywhere.

Sanchita R. Das
Sanchita R. DasGD Goenka Public School

The session was good and informative. As it was my first Mind Mapping workshop I feel I learnt a lot and will surely use this mapping skill in my life. Thank you.


Anjana Bisht
Anjana BishtGD Goenka Public School

It was an informative session. It will prove to be very helpful in classroom teaching and shall make the learning process engaging and interesting for all ages.

Sunita Sharma
Sunita Sharma GD Goenka Public School

A very enlightening session shall prove to be very helpful in classroom. I am sure it is going to made the learning simple and engaging for students of all ages

Sheena Sahdev
Sheena SahdevGD Goenka Public School

The session was a great session with in depth concepts which were well explained with great utilisation of online/digital resources. Hands-on experience enlarged our purview of mind mapping which would prove helpful in upcoming teaching sessions.

Yamini Pandey
Yamini PandeyGD Goenka Public School

Course content and presentation was remarkable. The session was quite engaging and interactive. The application part was well moulded and ample opportunities were given for creating mind maps.

ChitraGD Goenka Public School

Excellent Workshop. Eye opener to a new way to do things.

Shweta Sharma
Shweta SharmaAnand Group

Great learning session Mind maps & Scrum are good learning"

Arpit Gupta
Arpit GuptaGabriel

Mind maps taught were good & thought provoking. Real life examples were nice & gave different perspective. Flow of the course was awesome & videos chosen were excellent.The trainer engaged with us and managed time and team very well by creating small competition among us to increase our discipline levels & involvement levels.

Prem Kumar. M
Prem Kumar. MAnand Group

Topic was well organised into major sections, the handouts are self-explanatory, session is alive and energized the entire two days. The delivery of the content is superb.

Nerella Siva Prasad
Nerella Siva PrasadGabriel India Ltd

Mind map is a new concept for me. I found it effective for representation of project character, benefits etc.

Pankaj Bagri
Pankaj BagriMahle

The presenter is really interested in sharing his experience & knowledge which is actually helpful and removes the barrier for discussion Best thing I liked: Handing over separate learning sheet. This way one can collect, record specific learnings and keep it in the pocket for ready reference

Anchit Walia
Anchit WaliaSpicer India Pvt Ltd

It is very interesting, so many new concepts like mind mapping, scrum, PMO Book, Gantt chart, various stages in project management  It's over all very nice experience to get to know many new topics.


Good content, excellent presentation & live examples are excellent.


Based on time allocated coverage is excellent, Mind map can be used in many spheres of work

ChandershekharAnand Auto Pvt Ltd

Very informative, Great to see new concepts, Love the enthusiasm of the trainer

Prateek Kackar
Prateek KackarSujan Group

In detail, explanation of project management structure & tasks have been covered. Introduction of mindmaps in PM tasks seems extremely helpful as they bring in more clarity and task will take less time.

Lalith Kumar Reddy
Lalith Kumar ReddyGabriel India Limited

Mind map was a very good learning. It helps visualizing a subject in one view and helps to take decision

Yogesh Niljikar
Yogesh NiljikarMahle

Mind maps" is a very interesting and simple tool to be used at almost all the levels in the organization right from PM, RCA, Resource allocation, Meetings etc”

Sudharsan. SHenkel Anand India Pvt Ltd

Very well organised session - Mr. Maneesh prepared really well for the session, managed time very well and did not rush at any stage. Answered all questions well and provided clear insights for all doubts.

Ryan Mathias
Ryan MathiasSpicer India Pvt Ltd

Mind mapping tool is effective, we can visualize what is going in mind, Overall feed back is excellent in terms of all the content and delivery of the course"

Jagjit Kaur
Jagjit KaurAnchemlo Anand

Project Management was a known topic but still new things learned. Maneesh was jolly and involved in the session

Nakul Gupta
Nakul GuptaGabriel India Limited

Overall training was good. Trainer easily understood the problem of participants and provided practical examples.

Rekha Thakur
Rekha ThakurMahle Anand Filter Systems

I am fully excited about the content of the course. Knowledge and clarity of presenter was very nice and he provided a pleasant environment during class.

Dharmendra Upadhyay
Dharmendra UpadhyayGabriel India Ltd

Very deep and elaborate resources provided. A nice and very informative training.

Nishant Shauna
Nishant Shauna Mahle Anand Filter System

Topic and flow was very good. Maneesh has excellent knowledge about the topic.”

Vinit Kumar
Vinit KumarGabriel India Ltd

Course is well organized. Energy levels of Maneesh are superb.

Nerella Siva Prasad
Nerella Siva PrasadGabriel India Limited

Very well organised training. Excellent oratory skills. Engaging Exercises. Simple and detailed presentation.

Ankit Anand
Ankit Anand Mahle Anand Filter Systems

The training is very helpful to understand the process of the entire PM program course. Many Thanks.

SomasundaramAnand Automotive

Everything is good in terms of knowledge & clarity. Practical exercises are also good.

Divesh Verma
Divesh VermaMahle Anand India

Maneesh Sir had a unique way of interacting with the participants with the course exercises. Thank you for your in-depth knowledge sharing.

Deepanshu Kalia
Deepanshu Kalia Mahle Anand Filter Systems

Wonderfully managed course, learned a lot of new concepts and terms related to PM. Learned many best practices like risk identification, administration, feasibility, management etc. Overall had a great experience.

Ankit Duggal
Ankit Duggal Gabriel India Ltd

"Interactive. Lots of learning. Mind Mapping Done Right."

Vaibhav,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Session was really interesting and new for me. It was my honour to attend this."

Aman Kumar
Aman Kumar,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Presenters Knowledge was really helping and amazing. Our clarity of thoughts can be more while following the nature of universe."

Ankit Seth
Ankit Seth,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Awesome session or I can say an eye opener session, which will tell you your life actual purpose and how we can achieve it. Thanks, Maneesh ji!"

Pankaj Sharma
Pankaj Sharma,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"It was awesome and really a unique topic to know that one should have some purpose for the life. Thanks for making me realize this. You were so energetic."

Afzal,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Great initiation to Mind Maps. Even when I knew Mind Maps, I found the workshop thoroughly interesting & engaging! "

Peeyush Jain
Peeyush Jain,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"It was a wonderful session. Learnt a lot. Looking forward to practice it from today onwards. Will reach you with my achievements through practicing Mind Mapping."

Shrot Kr. Srivastava
Shrot Kr. Srivastava,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Session was interesting and new for me. I really want to take it back if I get a chance."

Naina,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Nice Session. Made me think ahead."

Ritesh Kumar
Ritesh Kumar,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Overall it was very good. Through this we can set out goals or you can say create out bucket list."

Amit Kuma
Amit Kuma,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"It was an exciting session overall. The bucket list was a different idea altogether."

Nithyanandhan,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"It was full of new knowledge space. Energetic & we all connected."

Devendra,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Good. Awesome. Wonderful."

Nikhil Aggarwal
Nikhil Aggarwal,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Futuristic. Awesome."

Abhishek Haldia
Abhishek Haldia,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Excellent presentation. Good Knowledge. Want to implement with my friends & in schools."

Sivakumar N
Sivakumar N,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"Nice Concept. Nice way to connect to yourself. Thanks."

Ayush P Gupta
Ayush P Gupta,Flick2Know Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

"The session was wonderful. The topic, was well covered, examples made the learning well grasped and the exercises made us cut the gray areas.Maneesh delivered the entire training session flawlessly. Thorough knowledge, deep understanding of the content ended up with flawless delivery"

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar,IL& FS Energy Development Co. Ltd

"Very informative background on Mind Maps. The basics cleared quite a few issues for me while creating Mind Maps. Maneesh is very knowledgeable on the subject of Mind Maps. He clearly explaned the concepts while keeping the entire session very interesting. "

Rashik Kathuria
Rashik Kathuria,Rashik Kathuria Consulting.

“It was a great learning of MS Project tool and can be used in daily activities on work to record & track things better”

Monika Narang
Monika Narang,Federal Mogul.

Session was very good and by using this we can find solution to various problems. Mr. Maneesh is a very good presenter, he customized the presentation as per pharma industry and also designed the topic in a way to give maximum benefit to the participants

Sandipan Roy
Sandipan RoySun Pharma

Excellent Way of shaping thoughts into workable ideas. The depth of coverage was apt and various exercises supported in comprehending the topic being taught in a better way. Maneesh has a flair for training, is knowledgeable and has been able to share the concepts, ideas in a serene manner.

Chander Shekhar SharmaDHFL Pramerica

This was a new subject and I learnt to look at creativity and mind. Maneesh was excellent and very good with his subject.

Ravindra Singh
Ravindra Singh,Air India Ltd.

It’s a new concept & can be utilized in every aspect of Life whether work or  family & Friends

Anil Singh
Anil Singh,Olympus Medical Systems India Pvt. Ltd.

Very Interactive, did not feel at all that it was a long session

Abhinav Punshi
Abhinav Punshi,IBEF, CII.

Absolutely amazing, I was doing research on it and found the session to clear many of my doubts. Amazing exercises

Subhash Chand
Subhash Chand,Serpholic Media Pvt. Ltd.

The complete topic was interesting; was explained thoroughly and in depth exercise were carried out.

Saurabh Roy
Saurabh Roy,Lok Nayak Hospital.

"Maneesh is a very articulate & interesting speaker. The best part is that he is passionate about the subject."

Siddharth Raina
Siddharth Raina,Sun Pharmaceutical.

"Maneesh has indepth knowledge and clarity on Mind Maps"

Pramod Kalwa
Pramod Kalwa,Samsung.

Good teaching method. Got overall clarity on the subject. Will practice often in resolving problems and new projects

Kaushik Manna
Kaushik Manna,Rockman Industries.

"Superb Course, speed, content and exercises. Fantastic Video. Five Stars !!"

Vikas Anand
Vikas Anand, Mahle FIlters

"Content & Maneesh's Presentation Skills are very good. Best part is the activities & interaction with the team"

PabrejaAnand Automotive

"Maneesh's knowledge on the subject was excellent. Great learning experience from his vast experience in different industry"

Saurabh Srivastava
Saurabh SrivastavaAnand Automotive

AninditaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

A brilliant session which has opened some clogged pores to learning better through the tool of Mind Maps which will make learning far more interactive, doable, creative and everlasting. It has given words to my thoughts !!

Seema SahayPrincipal, G.D.Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The session was knowledgeable and gave a clarity on how to make and use Mind Maps. Teaching & learning would be easy by using these maps.

Shivani TyagiGD Goenka Public School, Paschim Vihar

Overall, an interesting learning experience. It was an amazing interactive session where we too got an opportunity to showcase our mind mapping skills. Brilliant presentation by Maneesh Sir, made everyone expert in no time. Thanks a ton, Sir.

Simran RaiGD Goenka Public School

It was a great learning experience. I had attended a workshop on Mind Map earlier also but today's workshop gave me more clarity and hands on practice. Mr. Maneesh your skill of putting the knowledge forward is highly appreciated.

Nidhi RaiGD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj

Very Interesting topic. The content was delivered to us in a very easy language with utmost clarity. It covers a wide range of application and it was very engaging.

Ritika GhoshGD Goenka Public School

It was a very enlightening experience. The method taught by Mr. Dutt can be utilized in various fields.

Sonia PunnGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The workshop was conducted in a very pleasant, methodical manner. It will help us to make our notes for class in a clear & organised manner for the students. Thanks & lot.

Anudita ChauhanGD Goenka Public School, Paschim Vihar

It was a very enriching session. I am taking a lot of things back home from the workshop.

Shruti SethGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The workshop was very informative and interesting. The presenter could very easily connect with the participants. The information rendered was clear, thought provoking and definitely the concept of mind maps can be used to make our classroom teaching very fruitful.

Neerja KapoorGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Initially my idea about Mind Map was a problem-cause-solution in the form of tables. But after the workshop I am beaming with so many ideas. Mind Maps actually help transform our daily complex life into more simple and organized way. Mr. Dutt explained each and every detail which could help us to achieve maximum benefit from the concept. A BIG THANK YOU!

Kavita TanejaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Workshop was informative. It give us a new idea to teach children. It was a wonderful experience.

Sunita SharmaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Topic was relevant and needed for our profession. Very well explained and done exercises to comprehend and apply this new dimension for our profession.

Manju JhaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was a very innovative and learning workshop. I learned how to explain difficult and lengthy topics to the students in a better and effective way. We were earlier using Mind Maps to teach the students but today's workshop has helped in using it in a more creative and better way.

Rajeshwari FauzdarGD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram

It was a very good workshop. Topic, clarity and flow was also very good.

PratimaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

A very enlightening session. Am sure it would help us explain topics in a very effective manner that stays with the students for a longer period.

Sheena SahdevGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It has been a privilege and immense honour to learn the techniques of Mind Mapping which I will surely apply not only in my daily routine life but also on the various teaching strategies in school. Thank you!

Jonaki DebGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The workshop was really helpful and  the techniques told can be used to create interesting mind maps. Looking forward for more such information from Mr. Maneesh Dutt.

Nisha SinghGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The concept of Mind Mapping was explained to us in a lucid and fun filled manner. Knowing about its utility in all spheres of our life, be it personal or professional, was amazing. Thank you , Mr. Maneesh Dutt

ParomitaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was a wonderful session. An innovative technique of making teaching-learning simple, organised and more fruitful. Quite practical and can be applied in all walks of life. Thank you.

Farah AqueelGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

A very novel and enriching experience on how to make and include Mind Maps in our pedagogy. These techniques are an effective tool to plan, manage and execute many other aspects of common person. Thanks for the valuable experience!!

Sakshi AgarwalGD Goenka Public School, Gurgaon

Very helpful for the learners in the school. The presentation was very good & clear. very useful for our variety of work we do in day to day life. Very useful for teachers.

Amrita ChakravartyGD Goenka Public School, Indirapuram

Today's session cum discursive workshop was an enriching experience. The prolific speaker highlighted on the importance of Mind Mapping.

Monica SharmaGD Goenka Public School, Rohini

Excellent addition to our existing knowledge of how to lead an organized life.

Deepika AhujaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Great insight, learned a different way of presenting the concept.

Priyanka KalraGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The session was interesting and whatever I have learnt will apply at my work place as well as for my personal tasks. I am sure it will really help in making my tasks simple and easier. Thank you!

Jyoti ChuchraGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was an enlightening experience, really learnt a lot and would definitely take this forward in all spheres wherever applicable. The idea made us really happy to introspect.

Gurjyot KaurGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Good ideas, Flow, Knowledge, delivery: All very smooth. An enlightening workshop !

Vinita SachdevaPrimary Head, GD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The presenter was well organized with deep knowledge of the content. Thank you Mr. Dutt for enlightening us & sharing with us.

ChitraGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The workshop on Mind Mapping has proven to be helpful in not just my professional aspects; but has also opened my mind towards other day to day tasks. Extremely enlightening.

Aastha KocharGD Goenka Public School

It was an excellent workshop. Very enlightening and motivating. An new learning direction for us as educators and facilitators. The presentation was attractive and helped us to apply mind map in many areas possible.

Mansi KakkarGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

The session on Mind Mapping was very interesting and interactive. I have learned the laws and points on how to do mind mapping on anything. I will surely implement in my daily work.

Shazia ZafarGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Mr. Dutt introduced to us a very new concept of "Mind Mapping" with much ease and made us familiar with it in no time. With regular practice of Mind Mapping on different topics the concept became more clear. The session was enjoyable, enriching. We will be using it in our daily life. Thank you!

Jyoti MehendirattaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

Topic was really empowering. It helped to think on a broader and deeper scale both professionally & personally. Definitely I will be going to implement it for my school students and own kids. Whenever, will see anybody facing challenge would like to incorporate this awesome strength building concept of Mind Maps.

Neetu RahejaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar

It was indeed a very different learning experience. A new dimension to solve our day to day life routines in a much simpler and segregated way. Mind Mapping has helped me understand where can I work more on and how can I work and make things sorted. Thank you so much sir for a lovely learning experience!!

Deepti WadhwaGD Goenka Public School, Sarita Vihar