Get Your Resume Mind Mapped & make it stand out from the crowd


Increase your chances of getting shorlisted..Mindmap your Resume

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With thousands of applicants for a single job, how do you make your resume stand out??

Simply Mind Map it ! Why?

  • A Mind Map is a brain friendly way to visualize information better,
  • Your Mind Map Resume will stand out from the crowd and attract greater attention.
  • Easily Condense large information about yourself onto a single page.
  • Highlight and present important aspects of your resume

….and thus increase your chances of getting shortlisted.

What we need from you?

  • Your current resume preferably in word format.

What we will provide you?

  • A colorful one page pdf of your Mind Map resume as shown in the video above.
  • A video format of the Mind Map resume for even better impact on the reader.
  • Your masked resume would be available on our youtube channel for potential employers to see.

How to use your Mind Map resume?

  • Simply post it on various social media channels
  • Email directly to potential employers/recruiters
  • Use it along with your detailed resume
  • Write a blog post about yourself using it..

Interested ? Once you have made the payment simply submit your current resume to

Within 5 working days we will share your Mind Mapped Resume and you are good to go !

So, what are you waiting for?