ONLINE COURSE: How to Help Your Child Focus & Concentrate


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This Course is for you IF

  • … you are at your wits end while teaching your kids
  • …you believe that there must be a more creative way to teach
  • …you are willing to invest a little more time to learn techniques to make learning fun for your kids
  • …you truly believe that children are more intelligent than us

It is easy for a child to ensure laser like focus while playing or when engaged in something of his/her interest. A child does not need to learn to concentrate and focus. He is a natural at it! The real problem statement is, therefore, not how to increase a child’s ability to concentrate. It is in fact how to revolutionize our teaching methodologies to match the energy and enthusiasm of a child.

Who this course is for?
  • Any Parent, Teacher or even students looking for new ways to make learning more engaging & fun
Course Content
  • Preserving the Child’s Intelligence
  • Engaging the Child’s Focus
  • Effective Ways to Teach chapters
  • Practicing Real Creative Writing
  • Holiday Home-Work: An Interruption or an opportunity?
  • Exams: The Final Frontier
  • Additional Tips & Conclusions

This program is available here and is based on the Best Selling Business Book “How  to help your Child Focus & Concentrate” by Maneesh Dutt, the Trainer for this session.

What readers on Amazon have to share about the book:

“Would highly recommend this book to all the education boards as well as to all the schools, teachers, and parents.”

“This is what a child of modern times ardently needs”.

“The Book is thought-provoking and demands an introspection on the part of parents and teachers alike to review the traditional teaching techniques.”

“We, as parents, are greatly impressed with the book, and congratulations to the author for coming out with a book on this topic which every Indian parent is concerned about.”

“Thanks for providing us fantastic learning, in a new form. Having read this, it is clear that simple yet complex topics can be made easy using Mind Maps and the principles on which it is based”

“My daughter is already excited with the intro of this technique and we are ready to practice this regularly.”

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