ONLINE COURSE: How to Help Your Child Focus & Concentrate


A quick 1 hour online course based on the book  “How to Help Your Child Focus & Concentrate”

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This Course is for you IF

  • … you are at your wits end while teaching your kids
  • …you believe that there must be a more creative way to teach
  • …you are willing to invest a little more time to learn techniques to make learning fun for your kids
  • …you truly believe that children are more intelligent than us

It is easy for a child to ensure laser like focus while playing or when engaged in something of his/her interest. A child does not need to learn to concentrate and focus. He is a natural at it! The real problem statement is, therefore, not how to increase a child’s ability to concentrate. It is in fact how to revolutionize our teaching methodologies to match the energy and enthusiasm of a child.

Who this course is for?
  • Any Parent, Teacher or even students looking for new ways to make learning more engaging & fun
Course Content
  • Preserving the Child’s Intelligence
  • Engaging the Child’s Focus
  • Effective Ways to Teach chapters
  • Practicing Real Creative Writing
  • Holiday Home-Work: An Interruption or an opportunity?
  • Exams: The Final Frontier
  • Additional Tips & Conclusions

This program is available on UDEMY and is based on the Best Selling Business Book “How  to help your Child Focus & Concentrate” by Maneesh Dutt, the Trainer for this session.