ONLINE COACHING: Boost your Productivity & Creativity


Get Coached by Maneesh Dutt (a licensed Mind Mapping Instructor) and give  a boost to your creativity & productivity.

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Mind Maps users have reported average increase in Productivity by 20% when they switched over to Mind Maps. But that is not all, Mind Maps help unleash your creative thinking too. In these 1-1 sessions you will coached to use these techniques in your daily professional routine.

You will be able to organize your tasks better, conduct effective meetings, make better presentations, take effective decisions in a complex environment and more.

Even if you are already familiar with Mind Mapping you would still discover how to utilize them in a variety of situations. The engagement model will involve 5  one on one sessions ( preferably 1/week) and cover the following:

  1. Introduction to Mind Maps in an organizational context
  2. Mind Mapping Use Cases
  3. S/w Mind Mapping and additional Resources
  4. Hand Holding with one real life Mind Mapping Exercise
  5. Recap, Conclusions & way forward

Interested? Once you have made the payment drop us a message by clicking here and we will co-ordinate the dates for the session with you.