The Creative Flexible Planner


Overwhelmed! Stressed! Overloaded! Losing your clarity & unable to plan!?

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The real purpose of a planner is not to simply to organise your tasks but also help
✓…motivate you to execute your tasks.
✓…conquer procrastination.
✓…reflect your unique thinking process.
✓…kindle creative ideas.
Finally, and most importantly a planner should be flexible enough to cater to individual planning needs.  So, what does this Creative Flexible Planner offer?

a) READY TO USE MIND MAP TEMPLATES: Mind Maps have been proven to be immensely powerful and effective planning tools. They allow you to pack lot more information, organised better onto a single page as compared to traditional planners. Ready to use Mind Map templates have been provided on alternate pages for you to customize as per your specific need.

b) BLANK PAGES WITH INSPIRING QUOTES: Between the Mind Map templates you will find blank pages (with a Mind Map watermark just in case you want you trace out a Mind Map on those pages too!) with inspiring quotes to keep you going towards your goals.

c) INCLUDES DETAILED GUIDELINE ON HOW TO USE THE PLANNER: Even if you are  new to Mind Mapping, you need to worry as a detailed guideline with an example has been provided in the planner itself.

d) DAILY/WEEKLY/MONTHLY PLANNER:  With a customizable Mind Map template the choice is entirely yours to use it as a daily/ weekly/monthly planner or even a combination of any or all of these.

e)  READY REFERENCE OF MIND MAPPING EXAMPLES INCLUDED: Mind Maps can be used not just for planning but for problem solving, decision making, divergent thinking, brainstorming, writing articles or even as a travelogue and much more. The planner thus also includes several examples detailing how to use Mind Maps for a variety of situations be it work or personal life.

f) BEYOND PLANNING: The creative flexible planner can thus be applied for many more situations as detailed above by simply customising the Mind Map template to your specific need.

g) THE ULTIMATE TOOLKIT FOR CEO’S/ MANAGERS/ ENTREPRENEURS: Wherever you may be on the organizational hierarchy, you will find that the creative flexible planner has much to offer to you. From yearly plans to business plan to brainstorming on a new product or market there is something for everybody in it.

h) PERFECT 5.5″ x 8.5″ SIZE WITH 200 PAGES IN PAPERBACK: Not too big to carry around with you and not so small that your big ideas do not fit into it! Just the right size with around 80+ Mind Map templates to customize and 80+ blank pages to set your thinking free.  Being an undated planner, you can use it till the last page and not just till the last day of the year.

So, what are you waiting for? Break-free from traditional planners & leapfrog to planning (and much more) with this Creative Flexible Planner.