Overcoming “Meeting” Challenges with Mind Maps

Overcoming “Meeting” Challenges with Mind Maps

When I started on my journey of Mind Mapping, one of the initial areas that I experimented with Mind Mapping was for planning and conducting meetings. And the first time I applied it in my meetings I was pleasantly surprised by the increased engagement and energy of the team. In a very short time, using Mind Maps for conducting meeting became my default style; in fact the joke going around in the company was that Maneesh has forgotten how to write in a straight line on the whiteboard!!

The success that I got in applying Mind Maps for meeting has been the inspiration behind my book “How to Have Mind Blowing, Engaging & Energizing Meetings”. One of the core concepts introduced in the book is captured in the following matrix. Simply put meetings can be classified as a function of Information (representing the PAST) and Ideas (representing the FUTURE). Just being aware about this helps you approach different meetings with the required Mindset.

I have explained this is full detail in my recently concluded webinar facilitated by Biggerplate. If you are interested in knowing more you can view the complete recording of the webinar made available on my website here: https://maneeshdutt.com/resources/

Those interested in investigating further with ready for use templates for conducting your meetings the Mind Map way could refer to my book “How to Have Mind Blowing, Engaging & Energizing Meetings”.

And if you would like discuss any related needs for improving the quality of your organizational meetings, feel free to contact me by clicking here.

Happy Meetings using Mind Maps!!