Come, Lets Connect with a world of Mind Mappers

Come, Lets Connect with a world of Mind Mappers

About 6 years ago when I started as a freelance trainer for Mind Maps, there was a time when my initial enthusiasm started to wobble a bit. This, I believe, is true for every new initiative, when we start executing ideas there are always a set of challenges to overcome. The awareness about Mind Mapping in India was increasing however there was lot more to be done. This prompted me to author books on the subject but there still was a lingering feeling of loneliness. During one such moment I stumbled on the Biggerplate website and what caught my attention was the image above “A World of Mind Mappers”.

Each of the pin drop therein represented the location of a Mind Mapper who had shared his/her Mind Map on Biggerplate (the biggest online library of Mind Maps and much more). This was an absolute eye opener for me and a big motivator clearly giving the message that I, as a Mind Map addict, was not a lone ranger but had fellow cowboys all around the world to connect and learn from. (And quick side note on that: Beyond Mind Mapping whatever may be your interest / passion I am sure that in today’s “uni-world” it is not difficult to discover & connect to like-minded people across the globe to fuel your passion. This can be a game changer for you depending on where you are on your journey now!)

During my journey of spreading Mind Mapping I observed that many embraced Mind Mapping well; however there were others who had an initial reluctance to adopt the technique. I believe that an important reason for this is the simplicity of the technique itself which makes people underestimate its true power. Paradoxically, the very strength of Mind Mapping is its simplicity which leads to a mind boggling number of applications of this technique. This is clearly reflected on the Biggerplate website with over 16000 Mind Maps on topics ranging from business to self-help to book reviews to academic application of Mind Maps, shared by Mind Mappers from over 278 countries. And interestingly, India is now the country with the second largest number of Biggerplate website visits in the world (the first is USA)!

With a simple free registration any mind mapper can share his/her creation on Biggerplate and even view / download Mind Maps made by a fellow mind mapper from anywhere on our planet.

Today, when I need to create a new mind map, I do a quick search of the Biggerplate to see if anybody across the globe has already dealt with a similar issue via mind maps. So, whether you are a new mind mapper or a seasoned one there is something there for everyone.

On Biggerplate apart from the mind maps repository there are more than a 100 on demand webinars from experts on real life applications of Mind Mapping.(This is accessible through a Pro Membership which costs $29.99 and you can avail a 25% discount by using the coupon code provided here)

Today, as per one estimate there are around 250 million mind mappers around the world. And a vast majority is applying Mind Mapping via software. Related to this there are two distinct advantages offered by Biggerplate. One it allows you to submit/ access Mind Maps in several leading Mind Mapping software file formats. Secondly if you love software Mind Mapping you can even get yourself a Biggerplate certification, that too on a software of your choice, for $49. If this interests you, check out more details and avail a discount of 25% on this by clicking here.

Oh yes, I would like to give a disclaimer that as a Biggerplate service partner in India, I do get a small monetary benefit if you choose any of the discounts mentioned above. That is entirely your decision based on your level of interest in Mind Maps, but this is indeed an invitation to all Mind Map lovers to explore a “Biggerplate” for Mind Mapping.

Biggerplate is owned and managed by an extremely versatile & amicable father-son duo: Liam and Graham Hughes.The sincerity of their intentions & their persistence in increasing Mind Mapping awareness is truly commendable. Am sure many mind mappers, like me, are benefiting from the valuable resources provided on their website.

So come, let’s connect with a world of Mind Mappers.