What’s Stopping You From Writing Your Book.


The subtle art of starting and completing a non-fiction book (or even a thesis) in 4 simple steps. Incudes Free access to templates to get you started.

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You are unique and you carry an equally unique message within you, which could be beneficial for a larger audience when expressed through writing. So, what’s stopping you? There was time when I found even writing an article for a journal an uphill task. Today I have authored 5 non-fiction books employing a simple 4 step strategy, which helps not only structure my approach to a book better but allows me to complete my books much faster. Incidentally, all of my 5 non-fiction books made it to the top 100 in their respective genres.

I am sharing these same, very precise steps that I use to start my book projects, and indeed, keep myself motivated till the manuscript is complete. What’s more, I am also providing you access to the templates to come up to speed with your writing. These are again templates that I have used over the years with amazing results. So whether you are planning to write a book, or a thesis or any other non-fiction writing project, this Book will help you reach your destination.

The steps outlined in the Book will help you seamlessly move from clarifying the big picture about your book to actually getting down to writing and eventually completing the manuscript. And most importantly, you will experience a deeper engagement with the subject at hand throughout the journey.

Your message could be a life changing gift for someone somewhere. Don’t stop, go forth and script your’s as well as somebody else’s future with your writings!