Making an Effective Communication Plan

Making an Effective Communication Plan

While interacting with a number of Project Managers I discovered something surprising. Even though many of them are aware of the concept and advantages of Mind Maps there is still an initial reluctance to start using them in their Projects.

However, once they embrace this new way of thinking there is no looking back since many people have shared that Mind Maps are really addictive.

So how do we get the Project teams to start experimenting with Mind Maps? Well the simple answer is to provide a ready to use template for a given area of Project Management and then just allow their creativity to flow.

As an example let’s look at a communication plan, an important but often ignored document in projects. A simple mind map template as shown in the figure will easily guide a Project Manager to address all the communication needs across the project. Once completed it even becomes a lot simpler for him to “communicate” this communication plan to the concerned stakeholders in the project and thus increasing vastly the probability of eliminating “communication” as a weak link in the project.

Similarly, other beneficial opportunities for mind mapping during the project start, execution and closing phases have been presented in my book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management” (available on Amazon and other leading online bookstores). And to quickly come to speed with Mind Maps, with the book, you get free access to 40 Mind Mapping templates for managing projects better.  So time to break free from traditional project management?

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