Poems by an engineer ..

Poems by an engineer ..

“Each one of has a window within us to escape the impressions time imprints on us. And my window has been the poems I penned and the sketches I made during various stages of my life. While sitting in my engineering class, hearing but not listening to, the professor,… while sitting alone on the last bench of my class…while waiting for love to enter my life…sometimes sitting in pitch darkness pouring light words on paper unaware that I could not physically even see the pen touching the paper…at other times in the office hours planning the great escape from the rat race …and many more such empty spaces when the mind just disappeared into oblivion allowing a nimble lightness to descend on me.”

A Whats App warrior & other poems” is a compilation of my emotions expressed through poems and sketches along with micro stories capturing the inspiration behind the poems. Wherever you are currently in life you would be able to easily identify with some of the life situations captured in these poems.

…And who knows this may well motivate you to start compiling your own chapbook of poems.

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Wishing all a very Happy New Year 2017!

Maneesh Dutt