De-Stress with colors & find your life purpose..

De-Stress with colors & find your life purpose..

Numerous coloring books are available for grown ups in the market, which offer to manage stress. The process of coloring, as shared by many, helps instill a sense of calm in our minds.

Would it not be all the more beneficial if we could harness this relaxed state of mind (achieved via coloring) to better handle specific life challenges?

This is precisely what my second Book Live Life Colorfully is all about. This coloring and self-help book combines in a unique way the ancient art of the Mandalas with the powerful concept of Mind Mapping.

Though Mandala designs are said to have an esoteric significance, they were primarily the means for practitioners and adepts (in various spiritual traditions, especially Buddhism) for focused attention. A Mind Map, on the other hand, is a simple but powerful creativity enhancing tool, which helps us engage better with any topic for which the Mind Map is being developed.

So if you are looking to discover your life purpose, achieve goals, manage emotions better, change unwanted habits or even planning to pen your own book, you stand to gain from this book by splurging it with your desired colors

The image provided above is an example of a Mind Map Mandala I used, which helped me crystallize the thought process for this Book.

The Book “Live Life Colorfully” is available on all leading online stores and you can read more about it here 

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