E-learning for my employees?? Why not!

E-learning for my employees?? Why not!

If you have still not tried any online program for your employees till now, I would sincerely request you to experiment once. Yes, there are some course which demand a class room sessions but not all; and therein lies an opportunity for organisations to explore. So what are the advantages of an online course? Some of them are obvious and others not so…

+ 1 : Save Company costs: Companies with employees located all over the globe need to spend a substantial cost on boarding, lodging & travelling expense to get them to a single location. Just multiply this average cost with the number of participants to a training program to get a feel of the immediate cost saving. This could surprise you.

+ 2: Save Employee work hours: Let’s face it, every employee who attends a classroom session is in fact losing work hours. Again a simple mathematics of multiplying your employee’s daily cost by the training program’s batch size will throw you some numbers to ponder on.

+ 3: Flexible hours: So many companies have embraced flexible WORK hours successfully, then why not also present your employees with flexibility to attend their online training at their convenience and comfort? With many online courses being available for easy access through smart phone apps, even commute times can transform into learning opportunities.

+ 4 “I don’t like attending classroom sessions”: Do you realize this is a very common sentiment from many employees across organisations? Either they are shy, do not have time, or generally assume classroom sessions to be boring; whatever be their reason the fact remains that this a significant population who could still benefit from and actually embrace e-learning programs.

+5 “I don’t want to go to a prometric testing centre to take my exam”: Well, many online certification programs now have the option of allowing you to take an online proctored exam from your residence sitting right in front of your desktop. So you don’t even have to travel to a prometric testing centre!

+6 “We are not sure if our employees are progressing on the e-learning”: Many Learning Management systems allow you to see the course completion progress for your employees at any time. In fact you could also gamify this to motivate their progress further.

+7 Finally, why not gift “e-learning” to your employees?: If you are running out of ideas on how to recognize your employees, then again, you can try gifting them an “e-learning” program of their choice. Or when you have to layoff somebody due to business reasons, an e-learning program of their choice could be a wonderful “parting” gift for them to enhance their employ-ability.

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