Helping Kids Plan better for their exams

Helping Kids Plan better for their exams

It is that time of the year when the kids are face to face with their so called FINAL exams for moving onto the next grade. For parents, and even teachers, it is a uphill task to motivate the students to plan, study & revise their entire syllabus well in time for the examinations.

Hence, thought I would share a strategy which am finding works pretty well for me. Invest a little time to make a quick Mind Map (as in the sample image above) capturing the syllabus on a single page; preferably use A3 and use colors, images throughout your Mind Maps.

Put this up at a place where the kids cannot miss it; I usually put it on my kid’s library, which they invariably have to open daily for their school books.With this colorful and engaging picture of their syllabus in Mind Map format, the kids get intrigued and engaged with it.

Finally, whenever they complete a portion of their syllabus they simply need to highlight the corresponding branch on the Mind Map. The Mind Map then is longer a static but a dynamic changing entity which excites the child even more; thus giving him that gentle motivation to keep moving till all the items have been highlighted.

You can try variants of this by asking you child to also put a date by when they feel a subject or branch would be completed or if the child wants they can even draw images all over the Mind Map..

Go ahead and try it out…it sounds quite simple and straight forward but the result may just surprise you. For more such examples, read my best selling book “How to Help your child focus & concentrate”. All the best for your exams !

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