Effective Monthly Plan

Effective Monthly Plan

The Start of a year undoubtedly infuses a lot of energy in us but I firmly believe it would be even better if we could allow the start of a new month to excite us to similar levels & take the next step forward in our life! …and a Mind Map can be extremely useful for setting the pace for the month. Let’s see how it can help in our professional planning for the month!

The mind map used for month planning should first & foremost reflect the character or nature of the work that you do. This allows you to identify better with the mind map. I present today a mind map that I use for my monthly planning.

As a freelance trainer I realized that four most important things for me are: Networking, Learning, Creating& Finances, of course. Thus my main branches are along these four axis’s. The networking represents the connections (new or existing) or marketing/publicity that I need to undertake for the coming month. The learning could refer to courses, books or on-line sessions that I would like to line up for the month. The creation represents the new workshop design or modification to existing material or any other such new project. And last but not the least the finances, your billing target for the month, the invoicing to be done and any other related matters to finance. Some may also want to complete the Finance branch first & then let the targets define what you need to do in the month to achieve the same.

As the month progresses you can keep on striking out items done or adding new ones relating to the main branches that you have initially identified. At the end of the month when you analyse the Mind Map you will be able to get valuable insight as where you spent most of your energies, why some items were missed and others done so easily and most importantly you would be able to plan better for the coming month.

Do experiment with this mind map & you will be amazed how it helps you set & keep to the course for the month. Once again a very Happy New Month & may you achieve whatever you desire & put on your Monthly Mind Map!!

If you are into hand drawn Mind Maps then this Creative Flexible Planner can be a great companion for all your planning needs.

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