Learning @ On LINE: The Key Advantages..

Learning @ On LINE: The Key Advantages..

Learning is the fuel for our Intellectual growth. As individuals each one of us has a preferred mode of imbibing new information. Just a few decades ago the only online medium available for our learning was the television & the radio though their more popular purpose was, & is still today, to a large extent: entertainment.

Today e-learning & online courses are established channels for learning which offer distinct advantages:

a) Specific & Multiple Options: are available depending on YOUR individual need to learn about a subject. From management courses to numerology classes, you can find it all on the net. But be clear about what you want to learn & also why. Am I looking for more information on how to start painting or I am looking for a certification to advance my career?

b) Privacy:  Lets face it there are a number of us who are reluctant to enter a classroom and feel genuinely shy of learning or exposing our perceived “weakness” in front of a larger audience. Right or wrong, I am not sure, but this fear is totally eliminated in online courses.

c) Schedule & Pace: In an online course you are the master of your time. Of course you need to plan and discipline yourself, specially for a longer duration courses, to continue at a constant sustainable pace towards your end goal. In addition to this you can rewind or re-read the material as many times you want at your pace.

d) Cost:  This is one factor which is overlooked by many while comparing online courses versus classroom one’s. The Online courses are available at a substantially lower cost than classroom sessions and there are no travel related overheads. This itself can be an important deciding factor for many people to enroll themselves to online programs versus classroom sessions.

To summarize, on-line courses offer significant advantages in terms of options available, maintaining your privacy , moving at your schedule & pace and finally cost.

So if you have never attended an online session do check out one today itself on any topic of your interest & you will be amazed by what somebody sitting on the other side of the globe can offer via e-learning.

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