Managing Organizational Challenges… Colorfully!

Managing Organizational Challenges… Colorfully!

Organisational Challenges can be transformed into engines of growth, if managed well. Irrespective of the industry or sector an organisation operates in, their broad issues may be related to any of the following P’s:

  • PATH, not clear: Which translates into an organisational lack of Vision or the employees not being clear about the company’s directions and, more often than, not a combination of both. Internal or external drastic changes in the business environment may also cloud the organisations march forward.
  • PEOPLE, the driving force?: Hiring and retaining talent, managing the 40+ age bracket employees, understanding the new gens, layoffs: the increasingly used management “tool”, performance management are all important topics to be managed well for an organisation to thrive.
  • PRODUCT, the final frontier?: Whether intangible or tangible every organisation needs to reinvent its product/services in symphony with the customer needs or face the consequences.
  • PROJECT mode execution, missing: Organisations may have clear goals but still fail to execute the associated tasks. Beyond the IT and the EPC organisations, the subject of Project Management is erroneously considered as an overhead rather than an enabler for the results sought by many organisations.
  • PROCESS approach and adherence: Organisation may discover good practices, however unless these are institutionalized at an organisational level, these practices may not perform to their full potential. Process related problems may include unusually complex processes, unclear accountability, avoidable dependencies etc.

And who holds the key to solving and managing these problems? Not the CEO or an external consultant; but the people who are closest to these issues have the greatest chance of generating radical solutions or a breakthrough.

The only missing ingredient is a tool which helps harness the uniqueness, creativity and the collective intelligence of its people. This is where Mind Maps, the colorful thinking technique, exactly fits in. Millions of people across the globe, working in large organisations as well as start-ups, have taken to Mind Mapping to manage better their challenges, big or small.

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