Memory & Learning techniques only for Students??

Memory & Learning techniques only for Students??

Given the fact that in today’s world we can store everything on our smartphones and our cloud space, we may erroneously believe that memory & learning techniques are meant only for students. This is definitely not so; everyone across hierarchy, jobs, sectors can benefit from such techniques. And the reason for this is simple: all memory & learning techniques help exercise the muscles of the brain and keep it “oiled” for us to be effective learners throughout life. And hence it is essentially a life skill not be relegated only to our school & college days.

So, it does not come as a surprise to me when in my Memory & learning techniques sessions, the participants include call centre employees, office assistants, Managers, IT , Finance, HR, field staff and more.  Whats more heartening, is to listen to their feedback on how this training will help them going forward both in their personal as well as work life.

Memory & learning of course help  improve one’s memory but they also help you understand complex literature better, help make better presentation, more impact-full reports, conduct better meetings, and become a better listener. And of course many participants commit to teaching this further their kids as well as their parents.

Had a really “memorable” time interacting with wonderful batches  of employees on this amazing subject.

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