“Mind map addict” – My Interview on Bigger Plate.com

“Mind map addict” – My Interview on Bigger Plate.com

In this edition of our ‘Mind Maps in Action’ series, we talk to Maneesh Dutt about his journey to becoming a mind map addict; using maps for any and everything!

1. Could you tell us a little about who you are and what you do?

I am a freelance trainer & consultant on the subjects of Creativity, Innovation & Project Management. I am running my own venture Inlighten Consultancy with a mission to Enable Ideas, Innovation & Individuals in organisations & institutes. I rely heavily on Mind Mapping for all my assignments. I am working on two axises of spreading mind mapping to school/college students and of course to the corporates. In fact Mind Maps has been

the single most important reason for me to quit my regular job & work dedicatedly on the subjects of my interest using Mind Maps all along.  Though based out of India I am eager to spread my workshops beyond the boundaries of my country.

2. When and how were you first introduced to mind mapping?

Around 4 yrs ago purely by accident I stumbled upon a book on “Mind Mapping” by Mr. Tony Buzan which changed  the direction of my life forever. I started experimenting with Mind Maps with very encouraging results and finally decided to pursue the Thinbuzan Licensed Accredition to become an certified trainer on Mind Maps and more importantly got the lifetime opportunity to learn about Mind Maps from the inventor himself.

3. How do you utilise mapping in your day to day life, now?

I am a mind map addict ! I have mind maps on my refrigerator,my cupboard, my kids library, my wash room mirror, my phone, my laptop, my study table & have multiple scrap books solely for mind mapping.The range of application I use mindmaps is multiple and include weekly planning, workshop designing, article writings, notes taking, teaching my kids, problem solving etc etc.. 

4. What do you think are the greatest benefits of doing so?

There are multiple advantages of using Mind Maps however the greatest benefit  of Mind mapping, as per me, is that it gets you engaged in the subject on hand as a result of which you are able to achieve results almost effortlessely and much more that your expectations.

Few additional benefits include:

· Enhanced creativity while solving problems using Mind Maps.

· Greater sense of control while using Mind Maps for planning related activities thus allowing for better management of the event/project on hand.

·  Allows for focus on the big picture while writing an article.

·  Helps to listen better while using Mind Maps while taking notes.

5. What’s your best example of a mind map providing some kind of breakthrough where other methods had failed?

I was having a tough time taking a decision about quitting my organization and start my own venture when I decided to use a mind map to help me decide. What followed was an frentic but inspired 15-20 minutes exercise of putting the pro’s & con’s of either path and at the end of the mind map I had absolute clarity about the direction that I wanted to take: which was to start my own venture focused around Mind Maps. This was wonderful breakthrough and a life changing mind map for me.

6. How would you encourage others to start mapping?

The proof is in eating the pudding hence would suggest to everyone to start experimenting with Mind Maps and discover its potential on your own. Looking at Mind Mapping success stories from around the globe can inspire you further to make the shift to Mind Maps based thinking as against the conventional thinking which our education system has handed over the years to us.

7. Would you like to add anything else?

In today’s complex environment Mind Mapping is no longer an optional but a mandatory thinking tool to be adopted by everyone on this planet. It is equally important for school children and employees of organization to start adopting this methodology for enhancing both their effectiveness and efficiency. Websites like Biggerplate.com are a wonderful inspiration for people who are new to mind mapping and I urge them to have a look at some of the wonderful maps available on this website under the topic of their interest.