Taking Effective Notes

Taking Effective Notes

{Mind Map of the Historic Joint Radio Address by President Obama & PM Modi (27-Jan-15)}

“My tweet with this Mind Map got included in the ebook launched by the government 

Both President Obama and PM Modi are inspirational leaders & orators. Thus the two coming together on radio to reach out to the masses was nothing short of history in making. Capturing their key messages into a mind map gives a quick insight into the energy, enthusiasm and world vision of these two leaders of the largest democracies in the world.

Using mind maps for capturing essence of speeches helps simplify the message even further, allowing even young children capture the essence of their thoughts. The images in the mind map help recall the messages easier. If one displays these mind maps where they can be regularly seen, it can be an enabler to bring about a positive change in us.

Finally it is very interesting to note that both the leaders are IMAGINING and co-creating a future with a strong emphasis on service to humanity or being ASSOCIATED with the masses. And it is no surprise that Mind Mapping is all about IMAGINATION & ASSOCIATION.

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