Don’t write , draw your CV

Don’t write , draw your CV

A click of a button is all that it takes to submit a resume, and harsh though as it may sound, a “delete” click is the most probable outcome at the recipient’s end given the ever increasing number of applicants for any vacancy.

Online sites and services, which help “polish” and “embellish” your CV, have become all pervasive and do not really add up to a real competitive advantage. So it is time to do something disruptive to make your CV stand out from the crowd!

Why not apply for your next job with a Mind Map CV for a change? A Mind Map is an image and an image is worth a thousand words. Just a single page Mind Map CV would be sufficient to convey everything about you in a clear, organized, and indeed, in an impacting way.

And yes, but what about the recruiter, who receives my CV? Would he/she able to read and understand my Mind Map? Well, the answer is that Mind Maps are quite intuitive to read when made using certain basic principles of Mind Mapping.

Try reading the Mind Map CV in the image and see if you are able to get a feel about the candidate’s potential from this? (Start from the top right branch and then move in a clockwise direction to the other branches)

This is a Mind Map of a candidate with solid experience in testing and strong entrepreneurial skills. The candidate took a sabbatical due to family reasons and in the process launched an online store alongside various freelancing test assignments.

And, if you are interested in this candidate or need help in Mind Mapping your CV, do write in to us by clicking here.