Managing Project Execution better with Mind Maps

Managing Project Execution better with Mind Maps

The execution phase of the project is a bridge between the start from nebulous thoughts to a tangible end i.e. the desired product or service. As we proceed deeper into execution the cloud of ideas start taking shape and the increased clarity of the end goal acts as a wonderful motivational fuel. In this phase the activities are intense and hence the rate of consumption of resources is the maximum in comparison to the other phases of the project. The keywords for this phase, in addition to execution, are monitoring, reporting, control and risk management.

There is no area of Project Management which remains untouched during project execution and there are opportunities galore for using Mind Maps. Visibility & Transparency is key in this phase of the project where hundreds of decisions are taken using available facts and figures. Mind Maps can offer that vital help of capturing all the relevant data and allow for easy and quick communication of the same to a large audience in an engaging manner.

Managing the project communication & the project scope are two specific and important areas during project execution where Mind Maps can be used with excellent benefit.

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