The hidden opportunities in every new Project

The hidden opportunities in every new Project

When an employee faces a challenging or a delayed task, it is not unusual for the boss to remark that ‘You have made a “project” out of this !!”. Even in our day-to-day parlance we loosely use the word “project” in connection with delays and/or complicated situations undermining the true potential of the word “project”.Very simply put, a “project” is a process by which an idea is transformed into a tangible and useful reality. Of course there is a constraint system in which the project manager has to operate but at the same time every project is an opportunity

– to build new relationships

– to learn new things

– to develop leadership skills

– to add value to the world

– to predict the future (using a project plan) and then live upto it.

As a project team member, at the end of every project you are not the same individual as what you were at its start; so embrace every new project as a door leading to a new and more confident you.

Really enjoyed doing two days of my session on “Practical Project Management” for a wonderful batch of participants from a variety of functions ranging from Engineering, Taxation, Quality, Production, Procurement, Testing, Web designing and more. Well , after all Projects know no boundaries !!

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