Discover a new you..colorfully !

Discover a new you..colorfully !

As a kid, I was a slow starter in the early years of my school and my father would look at my report card each time and only say, “No problems, Son, just try to improve a little the next time.” He would celebrate whatever little improvement I made and never ever put pressure on me to perform more than I did. His words, however, did encourage me to introspect and instilled in me a sense of responsibility, which has been far more important than any learning in school. As the years progressed, I improved continuously to be among the best students in class. And I learnt an important lesson that we change not so often through an external pressure but only when we look at ourselves in the “mirror” and discover our dark spots. I am thankful to my parents for this wonderful learning amongst much more.

The reason why I mention this here is that I believe and sincerely hope that coloring the Mind Map Mandala’s in this Book help you accurately “mirror” your life situation and thus trigger the best possible response to life’s challenges.

Live Life Colorfully is a coloring and self-help book, which combines in a unique way the ancient art of the Mandalas with the powerful concept of Mind Mapping.

Mandala designs were primarily the means for practitioners and adepts (in various spiritual traditions, especially Buddhism) for focused attention. A Mind Map, on the other hand, is a simple but powerful creativity enhancing tool, which helps us engage better with any topic for which the Mind Map is being developed.

Come, experience a higher level of clarity with Mind Map Mandala’s and discover your life purpose, achieve goals, manage emotions better and much more by splurging your desired colors on the pages of this book. 

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