Solving Life’s Complex Problems

Solving Life’s Complex Problems

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein

Irrespective of who we may be, we cannot escape challenges in life. Challenges stretch our capabilities and add to our mental strength. And it helps if we are armed with a thinking tool like a Mind Map Mandala to sharpens our level of thinking thereby increasing the probability of solving the problem.

If the complexity of the problem overwhelms us, it would be difficult to move forward towards a solution.Hence the first step in making a Mind Map Mandala, such as the one given in the figure above, is to calm the mind by coloring the central Mandala design. This helps us our mind get into a zone where we are in a better position to make the Mind Map and helps analyse better the related facts, symptoms, triggers, possible solutions and finally looking at the success and fulfillment that can be achieved by implementing the identified solution.

And it is very encouraging to see how Jose Luis Silva is using this exercise on “Solving Life’s Complex Problems” from my book “Live Life Colorfully” to empower rural entrepreneurs in Mexico.

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