Gaining Clarity, Creativity & Speed, specially for Start-ups

Gaining Clarity, Creativity & Speed, specially for Start-ups

It is not uncommon these days to come across Start Ups using Mind maps aggressively in multiple scenarios. And, why not? Clarity, Creativity and Speed on a sustained basis are integral for survival for a Start Up. All of these aspects are well supported by Mind Maps, making it the tool of choice for Start Ups and entrepreneurs. Let’s see how:

Clarity: The success of a Start Ups will always be proportionate to the clarity of its vision. A mind map not only helps put the vision on a single page but provides clear insights about scope and boundaries within which you need to operate. The first Vision Mind Map, which you make, may raise a number of questions. This should be viewed as a positive indicator that you are headed in the right direction. Your Vision should be able to challenge you to gain sufficient clarity to proceed with execution. This is precisely the kind of clarity that a good Vision Mind Map will help you with. 

Creativity: As a Start Up, you already have a new idea up your sleeve, which keeps you going, day in and day out. As you, however, start your journey, you would realize that to support or implement your core ideas, a lot of additional smaller ideas need to be generated to solve multiple problems. A Mind Map leverages radiant thinking as opposed to forcing a linear thought process on us, which can be truly very liberating. It is no surprise, therefore, that first time users of Mind Maps actually feel as if their mind have been unshackled from a self-inflicted and limiting prison to an unbound creative thinking.

Speed. Given the nature of today’s world, a virtual osmosis of ideas is taking place around the globe continuously. You may feel that your idea is new but somebody somewhere may well be working on something similar to what you are doing. The need, therefore, to present your idea with speed and an urgency. At the same time, any new idea always – to an extent – carries a certain risk— hence the need to “fail fast” and iterate till you achieve success. In all this, a Mind Map cuts across all noise, helps you focus quickly on the core issue to be tackled, giving you the critical speed you so urgently need to ramp up

And to show you how vivid a Mind Map in context could be, I have shared with you the Vision Mind Map in the figure above, which was made by Rupinder Johar Kohli, founder of “Crackles- The Kids Store”. She is an avid Mind Mapper and shares, “A picture says a thousand words; and this phrase is absolutely true for me. Through this Mind Map, I was able to focus on all key aspects of my venture. I developed my complete product range with the help of mind maps, allowing me to prioritize and focus on each product.”

So, if you are an entrepreneur (or planning to plunge into entrepreneurship!!), and feeling a wee bit confused about your new venture, then do reach out to me by clicking here , and I would be more than happy to help find direction with…. your Mind Map !