Classroom session on Managing Projects better with Mind Maps

Classroom session on Managing Projects better with Mind Maps

Social media is based on networking. Our brain works on an unimaginable vast network of neurons. The network of roads all around and other examples are plentiful on the power of Networking. However when we talk about Project Management why should be stop at only the Network Diagram??

Mind Maps, a simple creativity enhancing tool, resemble the neural network in our brain and is probably the most under-utilized tool for managing Projects. As against the traditional linear and logical thinking used by most Project Management Models, Mind Maps help utilize the strength of both linear and intuitive thinking process. Particularly useful is this concept when used for harnessing the collective intelligence of a project team.

There are many resources which can guide us on how Mind Maps can be used by Project Managers and few are available at

Additionally I am pleased to share that we have now launched our 2 Day program based on my book “Mind Maps for Effective Project Management” specifically for organizations who would like to take their Project Management creativity to the next level.

For more details about this program or a customized requirement for your organisation, click here.