The “Break-out” Artist…

The “Break-out” Artist…

Being an entrepreneur one does  have a certain luxury to design and use one’s work space as one likes. And so I decided to keep an easel with an empty canvas behind my chair to make the most of my “brain” breaks..

Every hour or so I would push myself away from my desk and start working on my sketch for snatches of 10 to 20 minutes. And lo and behold in about two weeks I had the above sketch ready to my satisfaction.

In reality, the black & white sketch added a lot of colour to my breaks and would energize me to come back to my desk with renewed creativity.Little did I realize that in the process I had become a “Break-Out” Artist !

A number of studies have conclusively proven how  frequent breaks help us improve our productivity and if you try to use them for picking up the threads of an old, lost and forgotten hobby , am sure it would be doubly satisfying !

Do experiment with this and I would love to hear about your results..

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