The wide applications of Mind Mapping

The wide applications of Mind Mapping

One thing that really amazes and motivates me as a trainer is the ease with each participants, at the end of a Mind Map related training,  identify the areas wherein the workshop learning can be applied.

And with Mind Maps the most striking part is that all participants are able to identify arenas from both professional as well as personal life. And as no two individuals are the same the learning and application is also unique for everyone. (check out this Mind Map which has more images than words !!)

Some want to use it more for preparing for their professional exams, others want to use them for better planning or taking notes during meetings and still others eagerly look forward to applying this technique for problem solving and decision making.

Now, it does not matter where they start applying the new things learnt but what is more important is that they get started on their journey and discover their own roads.

Am sure as fellow trainers most of us are recapping the learning &  the applications at the end of the session (or even during the course of the session), but for a change get your participants to Mind Map it and you will be amazed with the  enhanced energy levels of your participants.

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