Undecided when to quit your job? Mind Map it !

Undecided when to quit your job? Mind Map it !

by Maneesh Dutt

The Mind Map which helped me take the entrepreneurial plunge.

It was almost a year ago that I decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge after almost 20 years of working in various organisations and functions. The one common question which I was asked by a number of my friends “How did you get the courage to take this decision?” . And again in my corporate workshops and open programs many participants come and confess that “I want to quit my job, start something of my own but cannot decide when and how”.

My gut feeling is that there is a “quiet” majority of company “employees” who harbour an entrepreneurial “spirit” which fails to garner sufficient energy to push the “body” and mind to act forward in this direction. And of course to make matters worse there is that “drug” called “salary” which we take once a month and “survive” (not “thrive”) for a lifetime.

I had my set of doubts and fears when I started “thinking” about quitting my job and starting on my own. But it was on a quiet weekend that I made a Mind Map which gave me the much needed courage and urgency to start my journey. This Mind Map is based on the simple Pain & Pleasure principle for change captured brilliantly by Anthony Robbins in his classic “Awaken the Giant Within”.

It is a simple mind map with the four branches as shown in the picture. In the first branch you capture what is the PAIN you are avoiding by NOT CHANGING. The second branch you record is the PLEASURE that you are getting by NOT CHANGING. In the third branch put down the PAIN that you will get if you DO NOT CHANGE and finally in the last branch the PLEASURE that you would achieve if you make the CHANGE.

Once I completed this Mind Map it was more than clear to me that I had to put in my papers and move forward the coming Monday. This format of the Mind Map really helped me give the courage to take the much needed plunge. Try it out for yourself….

And if you have difficulties in making this mind map feel free to write to me and we could schedule a quick one to one coaching to help you build one for yourself.

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