Better communication and more effective meetings

Better communication and more effective meetings

Every meeting provides an opportunity to harness the unique creativity of participants as also the collective intelligence of the team. And an organization, which fails to do so is losing a golden opportunity to transform itself positively. Meetings fail or remain ineffective when individuals are unaware about simple brain friendly techniques to tap the full creative potential of the participants.

Many years ago I had a challenge on hand to get 20 business heads/ senior managers to sit around a table and define their organisations vision & actions for nurturing a culture of innovation. The initial approach of a “linear” brainstorming with the participants did not quite yield the result. This prompted me to try a different approach and we used radiant thinking via Mind Maps to conduct the meeting. Very simply put I did live Mind Mapping capturing the ideas (on appropriate branches) as they were floating all around the room. The result was really amazing and for the very first time the team felt that they were getting somewhere. This was a real eye opener for me.

Over the years, I realized that to get the best out of your meetings using radiant thinking a simple three step process needed to be followed:

a) Getting everyone on the same page, prior to the meeting, on the subject of radiant thinking.
b) Conducting live mind mapping during the meet.
c) Finally, curating the collective Mind Map from your meet.

(More details on this in my book)

Fundamentally a meeting is a combination of ideas and information. Radiant thinking via Mind Maps helps in generating ideas and collating large information sets hence very well suited for being applied to a variety of meeting topics.

Using the simple steps indicated in my book “How to Have Mind Blowing, Engaging & Energizing Meetings“, backed by real life examples, you can transform your meetings around the following topics and more:

• Goals setting
• Decision making
• Communication
• Planning
• Sales & marketing
• Project management
• Innovation

The Book includes around 20 plus ready to use templates on the aforementioned topics, which you can immediately put to use for your meetings. And once you have learnt how to apply radiant thinking, it would be very easy for you to extend it to any area of your work.

This is a ready blueprint for you to usher in positive change in your organization.

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