How a gift changed my life..

How a gift changed my life..

This happened many years ago while I was still in a regular job. Rushing for an afternoon meeting in our office I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was the first to enter the meeting room.On the, otherwise, clear meeting table there was a small book lying. Waiting for the others to join I picked up the book and was intrigued on reading the title “How to Mind Map?” by Tony Buzan. “Mind Map…whats that?” was my immediate thought and I opened the first page to see a note which went something like “Dear xxx, Happy Mind Mapping & Happy learning” from our HR Manager. It was a “GIFT” to one of the HR employees from the HR head but due to some unknown reason was left on the table that day. Being a avid reader I started reading the book, a gift for somebody else; and another stroke of luck happened when nobody came for the meeting to disturb me for the next one hour or so while I completed reading it at one go ! And then the first thought that hit me was “Why did somebody not tell me this earlier?”. One thing led to another and culminated in my becoming a full time Mind Map Trainer quitting my regular job..

Well, the book was not a gift for me but all the same it changed my life track completely towards greater fulfillment. This is the potential power that a gift can have on anyone, more so a book. Do you have a story on how a gift changed your life? Share it in the comments below, I am sure lot of people would be interested in hearing your “gifting” story..

As we approach X-Mas & New year there are a lot of new energies that start bubbling inside us. A gift could help someone channel that energy towards a better life hence do think about gifting a book to your dear and near one’s.

With that Happy Gifting !

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